Who are you calling a giant?

"What the hell was that thing!"

I suck in my smile and hold my breath so I don't combust into giggles. Nice Nelly.

"What was what?" A girl asked.

"A giantic monster, it had, like hundreds of teeth and loads of tenicals! I was lucky to get away with my life!" Angel boy said. That did it, I fall to my knees, laughing so hard!

All of the kids look at me. Their faces just make me laugh harder. Tears spring in my eyes. Although I can imagine what they see, a giant with bright green hair, clasped, and still as tall as the tallest there. I feel my hair turn yellow. The worst thing about being a giant of my kind, one's emotions are clear to see in one's hair.

"What's so funny then? You think it's funny that the guy who just saved your life almost died?!?!?" I laugh more. The girls voice full of such attitude, eyes burning with hatred.

"Kate, c'mon I'm sure there's something wrong with her. Maybe she's having a brakdown or something." A breakdown? Me? You have to be kidding me!

I catch my breath, and calm down. "So," I start hearing the laughter in my voice, "what was this giant monster like?"

He explains going over the top. "That monster almost killed me!"

"Hey! She is not a monster!" I yell, I hold my breath relising my raised voice.

"What the hell is 'she' then?" A boy says, his voice raising.

"She is my pet! She helps me defend - purely because of her looks - You'd be surprised how many people get scared off because they find her 'scary lookin'' It's actually quite amuzing."

"You're pet?" The boys say at the same time.

"Yes, her names Nelly." I turn to the girl who inquired about The Misstress, "your aunt gave it to me as a Thank you present."

"Thank you for what?" She breathed.

"For saving her life for the umpteenth time." I smile.


"Yeah, so anyway, who wants to go and see the crazy old lady?" I ask, and starts walking into the lake. "You coming, then?" I drift into the lake. I hear stones crunching behind me, I grin, leading the way.

The End

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