Raven: Save the nice lady with green hair (I love green) and go down the tunnel. Right, got it.

As I noticed a person across the way with green hair being harrassed by some short, fat stupid person I walked over to help. Only to watch the short person kidnap the green haired person.

Kidnapping is bad!

I ran, to stop the car. When I realized that I couldn't catch up to it on foot I jumped and spread my wings. I gained on the car, swooped down and grabbed the woman with green hair. She held on, as it appears she was afraid of heights. I then, saw that Kate was going into an undergound tunnel. So, I dove it, but then it got really dark. Eventually I cam to an underground lake. I stopped and put the green haired person down. Everyone stared at me.

"Did none," I took a breath, "of you," I took a breath, " see the," I took a breath, "person getting," I took a breath, "kidnapped!"

Then I keeled over and breathed heavily on the ground.

"What's your," huff, "name?"

The End

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