Underground Lake?

Jeremy stared at the tunnel made in the middel of the street.  Where he'd pulled the lever, the ground had dropped down a few feet, revealing an entire underground stairway.

He hesitated slightly, even after Shade had tumbled in, but Ami curiously went running in, pulling Jeremy by the arm.

"Come on!  lets go!" she cried as she created a lardge ball of fire above her head, illuminating the entire tunnel for herself and everyone else. 

They all walked down the tunnel, Shade leading, until Jeremy heared a loud sound, as if rock screaching against rock, and knew the tunnel had sealed off above them.  No one else seemed to hear or care about it.

Eventually they came to a sharp turn in the tunnel, and a large cavern.  From Ami's fire, Jeremy could make out a large, underground lake, the water completely still with stalagmites hanging from the sealing.  Even closer to them was a small cottage, sitting just a few feet from the lake on the rocky shore.

"What is this place?"  Someone asked.

Shade slowly ventured toward it, Jeremy following, readying for action.

The End

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