Don't mess with the tall one....

"Whoa!" I say, stumbling from the blast.

I look around to see smoke flowing, and the Eiffle Tower standing tall. What, the, HELL was that?! I think to myself, glancing around.

"Relaxing hoilday they said, no one will notice you in Paris they said." I mutter to myself, yeah right, a little voice said the back of my head. 'Cause no one is going to notice a 8ft giantess with bright green hair, way to 'blend in'. I sigh, shuffleing my feet on the ground.

"Hello Me Dearlin," A short (even for a normal person) chubby man with a top hat as if he'd just walked out of a Victorian novel. "How would ya like t' cum n' travel wiv us?"

"Who's us?"

"T' travelin' circus of course! who else did ya think would want ya? I bet even the 'Unch Back would have doubts about whether to take ya out!" He barks a laugh.

Grr. What a... a... human! "Oh really? What about you, you odious little goat? Do you get the pick of the bloody bunch?" My temper rises and I feel my go beetroot. My voice rises. "WELL?! DO YOU?!" My voice yelling from amoung the treetops of the park. A women with a little kid screams, A group of kids by a weird lever look up shocked, eyes wide.

The goat man retreats, face ashen. I walk forwards. My hair changing from green to red. Calm Carrie Calm!

The next thing I know, my right leg is being pulled back and flung into the goat man's body, who goes flying into a crowd.

The blackness.

The End

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