Where to Begin

There they were, amongst hundreds of tourists.  They were about a mile off of the tower.  It really was amazing.

Ami was looking at it.  She seemed fascinated.  Jeremy walked to her and put his arm around her.  "So, uh . . . where exactly do we begin?  Finding this person, I mean?"  He asked.

She was silent.  She nodded her head slowly.  "I don't know."

Jeremy thought about it.  He kicked gravel down from beneath him on the sidewalk, moving it away from some kind of symble.  It caught his eye.

"Hey what's that?"  He asked Ami, motioning to it with his foot.

Her eyebrows creased.  She got down on her hands knees and examined it.  It apeared to be a skull, but only just imprinted in the concret enough to see.  She pressed down on it with her hand, and for the slightest fraction of a second it flashed green.

Jeremy reached into his pocket, pulling out his pocket knife.  He remembered it well, and'd had many experiences with it, even some in the community itself.  He opened it, feeling the sharp, black blade.

He shoved it down the tiny crack on the side of the skull.  He used it as leverage to lift it completely out of the ground in the exact shape, as if a manhole.

Below was a lever.  Everyone was now around Jeremy, staring down at the lever.  He slowly put his hand around it, and turned it.

The sound made from that unfortunate event could be heard for miles around. . . .

The End

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