Kate: Whoohoo! Paris.

Shade alerted us through telepathic messages. Then Raven began to quicken his ability to fly. Then, Ami asked us a question.

"How are you two here, and with my cousin at the same time?"

Raven slowed down so that I could answer.

"Well, it's complicated. Raven found some way to trick space and time and so we are us from the past actually. So, it's very confusing."

She just nodded, then we entered Paris and saw the grand Eiffel Tower.

Then, I spoke the only french sentence I know.

"Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir!"

Then Raven responded.

"Yes, but not right here."

Ami and Jeremy laughed as they overheard us. I was slightly confused.

"What does that mean anyways?"

Then Raven whispered it into my ear and my face went white.


He nodded.

"Just fly."

He laughed, and continued to fly."

The End

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