Shadow: For You...

As I watched Shade dive down with Ami and Jeremy, I gave a inwards smile. She came back up, and gave a few little cries, meaning she was laughing. I made myself sprout a human hand from my side, and reached it up to the tiny alien clutching the feathers of my neck. It pushed the item into my hand. It was a small golden heart with a tiny ruby in the top half of it. It's chain was a long golden one, specially designed to change size with the shapeshifter. I flew closer, and slid it over Shade's neck with my human hand.

My human hand  dissapeared once I had placed it on. She looked sideways at me. I sent a telepathic message to her. "For you, and only you. My ever changing heart beongs to you, for as long as you wish for it." I told her. Kassie, who had most likely heard this, whispered in my ear, if I had one, "I knew you would end up falling for the flipping shapeshifter who is obsesed with living life on the edge!" I looked back to her. She smiled, and stroked the soft feathers. Shade sent back a message, saying that she would talk to me when we got to Paris, and had had something to eat and drink, and maybe some rest.


I felt Jeremy hold me round my waist as we dived. "Wahoo!" I laughed. I mid-air, just before we hit the ground, Shade trasformed into a dragon, soared back up, and changed back to a golden eagle again. She laughed. I watched as Shadow slid a pendant round her neck. "Awww!" I said softly. Jeremy leaned his head on my shoulder, and kissed my neck gently. "I forgot to thank you for taking those chips out." he murmured. My hair was swept back my the wind, and with one hand, Jeremy ran his fingers through the ends.

"You don't have to thank me. Being with you is thanks enough for me." I giggled, then breathed in the deliciously cold wind. Jeremy kissed my cheek. I turned round, and murmure with a smile, "You missed the mark." I kissed his lips gently. He wrapped his arms round me, and I smiled softly to him. He teased his toungue into my mouth, and then we broke apart, hearing Shade's voice saying in our heads, "Excuse me, love birds, but we are above France now. We'll be in Paris within the hours." I giggled softly, and Jeremy grinned, leaning his head against mine.

The End

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