Kassie: The air, wait . . . Plane

It ended up that in the chaos of things me and Miss cult were left behind. Miss Cult was a fast runner but that wasn't gonna do the trick. Me and her both looked at each other and said, "Private plane."

Yes, a private plan. Miss Cult was working for humans so she got cash, and alot at that.

We called her pilot and he'd be there in 5 minites, yeah 5 minites, pretty dang rich Miss Cult was. I was smiling. I knew we'd be there before the others.

When we were on the flight we got appatizers and a bed to lay down on if we got sleepy. It was gonna be a 5 hour flight and we were tired.

We ended up geting a facil because both of us were desprete for aid. Miss Cult had a quite a bit of open cuts and and I had a fare amount too.

We went to bed and were hoping for a good amount of sleep.

The End

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