In-Flight Entertainment

Aah, that's better. No stomach-churning, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing plummet, just a nice, steady wingbeat and a strong breeze.

And best of all, no air sickness.

Shade closed it's eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the breeze ruffling the golden feathers on it's wings. Shadow flew beside it, the pixie and Selena on his back. Shade cawed a greeting, which he returned cheerily.

This is what life's all about, thought Shade happily, being happy and free with my friends. No Company, no aliens and no crazy assasins. Just me, them, and the open sky. And some adventure too of course, what's life without a good adventure?

Wonder what frog's legs taste like...

A mischievous gleam came to the shifter's eye. It snickered and called back to Jeremy and Ami on it's back.

"This is your captain speaking! Please put your hands and legs safely inside the aircraft. Your in-flight entertainment is about to begin. Oh, and one last safety notice. If you must be sick, please insure it goes off the aircraft. Thank you, and now, hang on for dear life cause I haven't installed the seatbelts yet!"

As Jeremy opened his mouth to inquire what was going on, Shade gave a euphoric cry and dived towards the ground, swooping up again just before they reached the hard earth below. It then started on a succession of loop-the-loops and sharp swerves, laughing to itself as it's passengers let out yelps of surprise and fright.

Yes, this really is what I live for.

The End

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