I laughed at Raven's eagerness. Kate gave him a little telling ofor saying hat thier family was big enough. I knew they meant Flamara, her dozy Halfling Ara and the others. I laughde, and hugged both of them. "There's always room for the one with too much family! Maybe, whne we've got everything sorted, we could all find a house, like before, right Shade, Jeremy?" Te two of them nodded.

"Let's see, If Shade and Shadow can carry three of us, I could carry a few with my power of air, the pixie girl can carry someone, so I think inbetween us, those who want to go can come. I looked over at Shadow and Shade, who were sat on he grass together. Shadow gave a wave. "I'm definatly in! I wanna see my aunt again! I was taken from her by the Company." Shade gave a wave too, more of a lazy wave. "I'm in! Might as well, huh?" she smiled. She turned into a ferret, and crawled onto Shadow's shoulder, giving him a little  nip on the cheek. He smiled, and rubbd her little head. She gave a squeak, and settled on his shoulder. "I'm sticking here till it's time to go, though. He has a comfy shoulder." she said.

The End

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