I'll come

I saw Ami come out. She asked if we would go to pairs with her. I said, "Fine, but i'm not eaten snails!" I said it with a smile so she knew I was happy to come along, not just because I knew everyone else would probablly agree to coming.

I then saw Kassie look up. She went over to Ami and said, "I'm in." She looked like she was ready to leave the alien problem behind.

I checked my pockets and was relived to find that all my guns and my dagger were still with me. Then I went up to Ami and looked at the little alien. It was a interesting species but I knew Ami wouldn't want me to exsamine it right now.

I looked at the others and most of them were thinking a little while. I mean I said mine automaticly beacause I knew that i'd regret not going. Well, atleast it wasn't me in Ami's shoes.

The End

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