Ruins And Memories

I hugged Kate, then pulled myself up. I walked round, thinking to myself. The little Alien, which called himself Talon, was sat on my shoulder, holding onto a lock of my hair. I heard a small crunch. I lifted my foot, and saw crumbling brick. I walked on. I realized something. This was the foundations of a ruined house. I walked around the perimetre, and looked at some piles of ashes, from maybe a bed, some drawers, and others. I went round, collecting little objects from here and there inside the foundation. The only things I found apart from ashes was a locket, and a ring.

The ring was a simple silver band with a tiny diamond on it, still set there I rubbed some soot away, so it shined once more. I slid it only one of my middle fingers on my right hand. It was a little loose. I took it off, and looked at the locket. It was an oval, with golden vines with emerald leaves climbing round the edge. A picture was supposed to by slid in here. I opened it, and insted of a picture, or anyting inside, It had a little clockwork, and a tiny speaker. I heard a little click, and music began to play. It was my favorite song, Fur Elise. My mother and father would play it. My father would play the piano, and my mother the cello. They had most likely recorded this ready to give me on my birthday.

Only then did it dawn on my. These were the ruins of my old house. I sobbed silently, listening to the music. Talon jumped down, and picked up the ring. He peered at it, then looked on the inside. He gave a little cry, and showed me the inside. Inside, it read, ' Julie, Ami, Leigh' in delicate writing. He ran his tiny finger over the indented writtin, and shrieked as he pressed the 'i' in Ami, and dropped it as a beam came out from the diamond. My mother appeared.

"Ami, if you re seeing this, I and your father are most likely dead. There is a lot I can't say, for fear of this reaching he wrong eyes, ears and hands. You wern't the only one with a gift. I can see five minutes into the future. I saw....him....coming, and hid this ring. Obviously you escaped, and are alive. Listen very carefully. There is a wise woman living in Paris. Somehow, find her. She lives in the Eifell Tower. Don't ask why, but she's you aunt on my side of the family. She has a adopted son, a Shape shifter. He lives with her. Find them both, and tell them who you are. And...the boy is your brother. His name, as I have heard, begins with an 'S', but I'm not sure. Now go, my child, and know we love you. And know that the name in light can mean trouble. You will find this out eventually." With that, the beam shut off, and dissapeared. Talon climbed back onto my shoulder.

"Well, that was strange." he muttered. I had a brother.....

"I'm guessing somehow we've got to get the flippin' Paris now, eh? To find your brother? I didn't know you had a brother!" came a voice. I snapped round, and saw Jeremy. He hurried to me. I showed him my pendant, and let him listen to the music. He gave a little nod. I closed the locket, and fastened the silver chain round my neck, and slipped the ring onto my finger. Jeremy held me close, and I cried softly. I wiped away my tears, and walked back to the others. "Guys, hope you like snails, coz' we've going to Paris....somehow......" exclaimed Jeremy, then trailng off.

I rolled my eyes. "If it's ok with you guys, can we go to Paris?" I asked, explaining all about the ring, the beam, and my mother's voice. A few nodded. "So. How we gonna get there? I have an aunt in Paris!" said Shadow as he transformed from a bird into a human. 

The End

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