Kate: Oh, that's so close!

I got the coordinates to their destination and Raven recognized it immediately.

"Hey, that's pretty close."

I looked at him.

"Where is it."

"I'll show you."

He turned to me and smiled. I kissed him.

"Show me."

He turned around and began to run, I followed him. We ran, dodging branches and logs and trees. Duck, jump, weave; it got repetative after a while. Then we reached a clearing, and at the center of that clearing were all my old friends, with parachutes.


I ran extra fast and jump hugged Ami. We both fell over and everyone laughed. It seemed so surreal. Then, Raven walked over, I stood up and next to him.

"Guys, this is Raven. He found a way, through some space-time paradox, to be in two places at once. So, and you can check, we are here and at the house for misfit characters."

Then Raven spoke.

"Hello, I'm Raven, nice to meet you."

The End

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