Goosebumps ran down my spine. Someone was at the Company's hideout. Luckily, someone had left a camera behind. I toook out my phone, and accessed it. It was Kate, holdin the hands of someoe new.

"GUYS!!!! KATE'S AT THE COMPANY HIDEOUT!!!" I shrieked. I linked the camera to my phone, then rang, seeing if they could hear us. "Um...hello?" came a voice.

"Kate! Is that you, Kate? I thought y0u got shot?" I said.

"Ami?! Where are you? We're at the Company Hideout, looking for you guys."

"We're in this field. We got kidnapped by aliens, and we had to dive out. I'll send a tracker to you in the camera. You'll be able to track my phone, and find us. Sending it now."

".......Ok. Got it. We'll see you later. Bye." She said, and hung up. I told the others, and tey gave a grin. 

The End

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