Shadow Gets Pumped. LOL

As I fell, I heard a faint, 'I love you' whisper down to me on the wind. I smiled, and held the little alien close to me. I kept my head down as I had been taught, when Shadow came  whizzing past me shouting, "WAAAAAHOOOOO!!!!"  Shade ws falling through the ar at quite an alarmig rate. Shadow scooped her up into his hands, holding the ferrets warm body to him chest. She accidently transformed, and came into a human form. She had long black curls, pale skin, nd as I dropped closer, I noticed she had purple eyes.

Shadow reached out his hand to me, and i was about to take it when arms slipped round my waist from behind, I was pulled upwards. I looked up, and the Alien was holding me with a parachute unfolding.We all dropped to the ground, and smiled, making sure no one was harmed. We had landed ina field of long grass and a few wild flowers. Shadow still held Shade in his arms when they had landed. Shade giggled, and began pull away, but Shadow pulled her in, and kissed her softly. He let go of her, turned into a sparrow, and landed on mmy shoulder. He twittered in my ear. "GAWD! Pumped from the fall and even more so now." I giggled, and he hopped down onto the jumper, looking at the little alien. He plucked out on of the feathers, and tucked it with his beck under the little alien's head. I smiled softly. Xenon smiled at me. He pulled off the parachute, and threw a pack to me. I caught it with one hand, and placed it on the floor.

Inside was cake, a piece of pizza, a couple of raw potatos, apples, half a banana, and a few other things. "Found this on the ship. Was taken off one of you guys." he said. I took a bite from the cake, and broke a bit off, and gave it to the alien. It took a bite, then rejected the rest. I tried it with the different foods, none of which it seemed to like. I placed it down in the grass, nd looked at it thoughtfully. It wriggled out, and crawled into the long grasses. It took a bite from a blade of grss,  bite of a forget-me-not, and fially bit into a ladybug. I laughed. It seemed to like munching on grass and ladybugs. I smiled softly. I picked a bunch of bright gree grass, and put it inside the empty backpack. The little alien crawled up my arm. I giggled.

The alien whispered in my ear, much to my surprise. "I am Talon. I am the last of my kind, apart from my friend,Neige, who took refuge with  group of humns in France." he whspered. I smiled softly. I raided my pockets. All I could find ws a cube of sugar. I handed it to the little alien. It took a bite, then sat on my shoulder munching away on it. I laughed. At least there were two things he liked. I spotted something a little while away. It was  little wooden toy. I walked a little way away, and found some old ruins of a grand house. I gthered up anything I could find. I found a pocket watch, a ring, and a little locket. I looked at th ring. It was old, and looked quite burnt. I turned my attention to the locket. It was still shiney silver. I turned it over, and and 'A' was there in delicate golden writing. I opened it, and gasped. It began to play a little tun, with only the piano and violin. I began to cry. It was the melody my mother and father had made up for me. This, I realized, was the ruins of my old house.

The End

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