Saving Miss Cult . . . Awkward

He ran at almost lightening speed, hurling toward the cockpit, moving past the aliens, half not even noticing.  Finally he got to the cockpit door, bursting through it, busting the lock, and then holding the door back behind him.

"It only took you long enough.  I don't know if I should kiss you or slap you.  Maybe both to be sure. . . ."

"Neither, thank you."  Jeremy answerd. "Now press the button to open the windsheild."

She did, and Air flowed in, pressing hard against their faces. Jeremy ran forward, tackeling Cult out of the ship.  Just as He did, she dropped something into the plane, but he was concentrating too much to ask her about it.

They fell, speeding toward the ground, Cults arms locked around Jeremy, her only means of survival.

Finally, they came within pulling zone.  Jeremy pulled the chute, and they stopped moving at a rapid pace, the straps digging into Jeremy's arms.

They sat in awkward silence for a moment, hugging onto eachother so that Cult didn't fall.

"So ah . . . what excactly did you drop inside the ship?"  Jeremy said, breaking the silence.

"Um . . ."  Cult looked up at the ship, and suddenly the first half exploded, the rest falling toward the ground.  "A bomb."

Suddenly they both started laughing uncontrallably.  Jeremy hadn't liked this Cult character at first, but he thought she was catching onto him.  He gave her a high five, which he hadn't expected to be so Awkward with them clinging onto eacher.

They drifted toward ground.

The End

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