Ack! Freefall!

Shade yowled a long continuous yowl as it plummeted out of the sky. It had never freefalled before, and it wasn't enjoying the experience. Why oh why hadn't it decided to fly instead? This was just too freaky.

I swear, it thought through it's yelps, if I get out of this alive I am never doing this again! Humans can keep their apposable thumbs, I hate this blinking freefall!

Looking up at the ship above, Shade watched as it's companions leapt out of the gap. It counted heads quickly, stomach lurching sickeningly when it noticed one or two missing.

Oh no, it groaned, not again...

Then, overcome by nausea, panic and motion sickness, Shade turned it's head sideways and retched, bringing up all the food it had eaten in the past day.

Look out below, it thought darkly as the parachutes continued to drift towards earth.

Beware of falling shifter vomit.

The End

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