The Great Excape, Sorta.

Jeremy hesitently held out his hand for a hand shake to the supposedly "Good" alien.  It just staired down at it blankly, and Jeremy guessed that they probably didn't do that on their planet.  He pulled his hand away.

Just at that second, the space craft spun, putting everyone on the ground. 

"Ok, that's Cult."  Jeremy said.  "She's now in control of the plane."

He and Shade proceeded to unlocking the rest of the 10 prisoners in the room, and explaining them the plan.

Seemed simple.  All they had to do was get to somewhere with parachutes, and once they could see earth close enough through a window, they would eject.  Of couse, it seemed funny to Jeremy that Ami couldn't let them down slowly with the wind, but the air was extreamly light up here, and it would be hard.

Only problem is that just at that second, an Alien walked in, seeing them free and sounding the alarm.  Jeremys foot instinctivly came up, kicking the thing in the head, pushing it over on it's back, unconcious.

He peeked down the hall and saw another mob of aliens coming to investigate.  "Ok, we gotta move now."  He whispered to everyone.  "Ready?"

They nodded.  Everyone grouped up into a circle, Ami in the front, making a wall of fire around them.  They moved, forward, destroying aliens in their path, a few getting through, just to be killed by everyone on the inside. 

Finally, they came to an area in the hall with a small compartment on the right side.  Shade turned into a human woman (with aposable thumbs!)   Then Ami opened the fire wall just enough to let Shade through into the compartment.  She pulled out just enough parachutes for all of them.

Jeremy peeked out a window, and realized how suprisingly close they were.  Easily low enough to parachute from.

A voice suddenly came in through overhead speakers.  "Hello.  This is Miss Cult from the steering wheel.  I've rewired the the speakers to play my voice, telling you that they have found me, and I can't hold them off much lo---(static) nger.  No--o para--chutes here."  And then a ZAP sound.

"Ok, you can jump now."  Jeremy said.  "I'll go get Cult."

Most of them started jumping, Shade and Shadow the first, but Ami didn't.  She looked at him.  "Don't do this."  She whispered.

"It's ok.  I'll be fine."  He said, and hugged her.  as he pulled away, he gave her an unexpected gentle push, she fell backwards, out the open door.  She wouldn't have left him other wise.  Just before she did, Jeremy called, "I love you!"  But she might not have heard.

He ran toward Miss Cult.

The End

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