OH (Enter swear word here)!!!!!!!

As I was opened my eyes, I found myself in Jeremy's arm's. He hugged me, then kissed me. He thought I had died. "I wouldn't do that." I said. I wouldn't. Not to Jeremy. I got up, and started to panic. Jeremy went and released Miss Cult, the only one awake, and explained a plan to her. I looked round wildly, tears stinging my eyes. I went to the door, and pushed it open slightly. No one.

I wet through, and peered round the corner. No one. I turned, and was face to face with an alien. "OH ........" I shouted, then the alien cover my mouth with a hand. He pressed his finger to his lipless mouth, and handed me a jumper carefully. I smiled. "Thank you." I whispered. I noticed the alien wasn't a dark gray like the others, but closer to white. It shrugged. It put a hand on its chest. "I'm Xenon. Your are the Ami?" It asked, pointing to me. I nodded. It followed me back into the person chamber. It froze as it locked eyes with Jeremy. It gulped, and dropped to both knees, head bowed. Jeremy looked at it in surprise. "You kind never surrender. How are you different?" he said coldly. I frowned, and ignoring the slight stickiness of his skin, took his hand and pulled him to his feet. Xenon did not look up.

"He gave the little one back." I said, showing Jeremy. He looked impressed, confused, and angry at the same time. He pulled me gently away from the alien. The alien gave a small cry wen my hand left its own. I wiped the slime off my hand, and transferred the lien into that arm, and used the other to hold Jeremy's hand. I gulped. Miss Cult was gone. I opened the clamps on Shade's furry head, and let her scamper up my arm to my shoulder. Then, something cauht my eye. A small shimmering. I walked towards it, hand extended. I touched it. It felt like linen. Then, Shadow appeared. I was touching his tshirt. Shade squeaked in shock, and almost fell off my shoulder. Shadow pulled me into a hug, and Shade jumped onto his shoulder. Shadow smiled, and raised a fnger, and rubbed just under the little ferret's chin.

The End

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