Let's Do This

I listened to Jeremey's Plan.  I was supposed to make my way to the cockpit, (invisible.)  After that, I would steer this thing back toward earth, and once we were close enough, Ami would make a wall of fire, and guide them to where they could get parachutes.  From their they would eject the plane onto earth, and I would get one for myself in the cockpit, and then do the same.

Seemed good enough.  "Ok, you ready?  Jeremy and Shade asked almost at the same time.

"I guess. . . ."  I mumbled, and with that, turned invisible and walked out of the room.  I passed many aliens, none of them noticing me.  fewf

Eventually, I found the Cockpit, the pilot watching nothing but infront of him, the stars going by at lightning speed. 

I wonder how fast this thing can go, I thought to myself.  My knife was on my belt, and I slowly pulled it out, quickly slicing his neck, the knife cutting through his jugguler and wind-pipe.

He fell over on the ground, and I immediatly sat down in the chair.

Now all I had to do was figure out how to fly this thing.  Couldn't be that hard, right?  Wrong.

I looked all over, but couldn't find anything.  How were you supposed to fly this thing?  Then I realized it.  There was a joy stick type thing, but to reach it you had to stick you hand through a wall seeming made out of slim.

Ewww!  I slowly reached my hand toward it, feeling the discusting, cold greesy slim.  I pushed my hand through, and finaly reached the Joy-stick.

"Ok, lets do this."  I said to myself.

The End

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