I Have a Plan

Jeremy had wondered why they hadn't tied up Ami, when his questions were answerd.  As she sat down in the chair, large straps came down over her arms and legs, and a helmet stuck to the back of the chair.  He didn't know, but he thought he knew the reason.  Her powers might not be as controlable by just one helmet.  She probably needed more restraintes.

Darn.  If he could just get out of this helmet, he could free himself and the others by destroying the electric chains. 

"Hey, Ami?" Jeremy asked.

"She moved her position in the chair so she could speek better.  "What?"

"You don't suppose you could break this helmet off with fire, do you?"  He said.  "I think the reason you need more restrainted is because they can't control your abilitys as well."

She sat their a moment, complete concentration on her face.  Jeremy saw a small spark of fire.  Yes, she could use her abilitys.

suddenly Ami gasped.  "I . . . can."  she said between breaths. "but not so easily.  Not enough."  She paused a moment.  "Wait.  Let me try one more time."

Just at that moment. his helmets lock was ripped of, and he could pull it off of his face.  He created an electric current in his hands, and touched it to the electric chain.  All of its energy was sucked out, completel demolishion the chain.

He rubbed the area where the chain had been.  But stopped just as a saw one less person looking in his direction.  He looked at Ami, and rushed to her.  He got her out of her chains, but she was lifeless.  She fell to the floor, unbreathing.

He put her on her back, and began C.P.R.

It wasn't working.  No.  She was dying.

But just as Jeremy was giving up hope, she moved.  Her chest started moving and she opened her eyes.  He reached down and hugged her, which soon turned into a kiss.

He pulled away.  "I thought you'd died."

She almost laughed.  " I wouldn't do that . . ."

Then Jeremy stood up, moving to the others and freeing them.  "Alright.  I have a plan, but who thinks they might be able to fly this thing?"

"I do."  Said Miss Cult.

The End

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