Thank Gaia

I picked up the alien, and held the jumper close, hidding it away. Two aliens grabbed me, and pulled me a little roughly out of the Company's hideout, and into a space craft. It was huge and complicated, but very well made. I whispered this a little a little too loud, and one of the aliens holding me gave me an almost friendly smile.

I noticed I was the only one awake and not chained up. I sat quietly where they placed me on a chair, and didn't move. The alien that had smiled at me came a little closer to the chair than the others, making sure I didn't try anything. My eyes drifted round, and I saw Jeremy, chained to the floor more harshly than the others. I felt a tear drip down my cheek. The alien noticed, and looked confused. It had obviously not seen anything or anyone cry before. It touched its slightly slimy fingers to the tears, and asked, "Why's there water down your cheeks coming from your eyes?" It asked.

I pointed at Jeremy. I stood, and the alien flinched. I gave a soft smile to him. I walked over to himand stood over him. He woke, and I knelt down. I touched his cheek. "Why aren't you tied up?" he asked in  soft but coarse voice. I shrugged, stroking his cheek, tracing around his lips and up near his eyes. He closed them, pullng towards me a little. I smiled softly. The alien laid its hand on my shoulder, and pulled me up, and I returned to the seat. Thank Gaia that none had been harmed.   

The End

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