Wake Up Sleep Head!

I awoke slightly drousy and alone in the dark, a warm blanket snuggled tightly over me. I turned my head gently to see no light, but as my eyes adjusted, saw dark silhouettes of bodies laying on the ground.

I wiped my eyes, how long had I been asleep? At least 78 chapters of my life probably. Something was tight around my wrists and legs, I attempted to sit up but failed. I shook and fidgeted, but I was tightly bound.

I turned my head to my right to see a ferret sat by someone on the ground. The floor suddenly began to shake, and I screamed.

The ferret scampered over, and tried to imply for me to shutup. I did as I was told obediently. The ferrets eyes were recognisable, i'd seen them before. Fought with them before. Shade. It was Shade, of course! It had been so long!

Then as the floor stop shaking, and to turned as a door slammed open, and someone stepped inside.

The End

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