What Now?

Shade awoke to the sound of engines and strange chattering noises. Shaking it's head and squeaking irritably it looked about for the cause of the disturbance. That was when it remembered the helmet clamped on it's head and, in a fit of fury, set about once again trying to tear the blasted thing off.

Sadly, it realised, ferrets weren't gifted with thumbs either. So, after a short but vicious struggle, Shade had to content itself with bad-tempered hissing. Jeremy sat nearby, looking pale and worried. Shade opened it's mouth to ask what was going on when it saw the electric chain thing around Jeremy's leg. It also noticed the similar collar attached to it's own neck.

So the aliens got us. After all that fighting and wounding, they won.

Damn them.

Scampering over to Jeremy, Shade scrabbled up onto his knee and asked sadly:

"So we lost then. What's going to happen to us now?"

The End

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