Jeremy was asleep for some time, although he didn't know how long.  He had dreams, dreams of really having a family, a family that wasn't under atack, a family that wasn't being difeated by aliens, just a family.

But every dream had to be ended at one point or another, eventually met the cold reality of life, which is what just happened now.

He got up, although weak from the helmet on his head and powerless, he still got up.  The room he was in was very large, more like a storage facility.  Shade lay, somehow back in ferrat form, with his little helmet over the top of his head, and aslong as that thing was on there was no changing into any other form.

But the room was dark, and Jeremy could only make out the sillhouets of everyone else.

As he stood completely up, and realized he was chained to the ground by some sort of electric rope, he thought he might as well try to get this helmet off.  He could feel it locked under his chin, no pulling it off without removing his jaw . . . or getting the key of course.

Suddenly the room shook, or didn't really shake, but stopped moving, and he fell over on his back. 

That's when he realized it.  Realized that they were on the Aliens ship.  They were being taken back to their planet. . . .

The End

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