A unconscious message


I shout as I wake up, the stunning reality of the pain rushing in. I grab the back of my head, but there is no wound. How can this be? Then, I look around and see why. I wasn't in the community, I was somewhere else, somewhere eerie. There was no floor, no ceiling, no ground, no sky; just the endless expanse of purple and the myriad of symbols floating about in the air. Is this a dream?

"Hello!" I yelled, hoping an answer would come. "Is anybody out there!"

I heard my voice echo on. It seemed that this void, if that's what it is, had taken hold. All the sudden, memories came flooding back. A bullet, aliens, a fight; it all seemed so far away and so long ago. I didn't even see Raven. The truth made me lament upon my surroundings. Then, I heard something peculiar.


I turn around, slowly, letting the suspense build up. But when I turned, there was noone, nowhere. My shoulders slumped as I suddenly felt so alone. But then, I heard it again.

"Kate, it is you!"

This time I twist around, faster than lightning, but there's noone. That's odd, I could've sworn that-

All the sudden, fingers brushed against my back.


The sultry voice and smooth fingers made me whip around, now out of fear not of excitement, and there stood Raven. He was wearing a grey cloak, with holes for his wings which streched. But, Raven always hid his wings. But, I didn't care, this was so amazing.


I walk up to him and run my fingers down the side of his face, and began to hug him.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

With this, our embrace turned into a passionate kiss. The feelings of love swirling about in the air. It truly was bliss, a literal heaven on earth. I felt his wings curl around me, keeping me safe; warm. I broke the kiss.

"Where are you?"

He seemed to understand my question, as he began thinking. He turned his angel face, with one green eye, one purple, and smiled.

"A house, called the hideout of misfit characters. I wandered after you died and I fell, I found the house, and now I call it home."

My eyes welled with tears, as I was now going to be with Raven. But, wouldn't it be easier to stay with him here, for eternity, like we promised. I no longer felt the pain in the back of my neck. Did that mean it was healed now? But, it didn't matter. As long as I was here, as long as I was with Raven, nothing else mattered.

"Can we stay here forever?"

"No, you must leave."

And with these words, he shattered my heart. I broke the embrace and backed away. I turned to him, my face written with the words I wanted to say, but my mouth spoke only the one word I had to say.


At this, I closed my eyes and felt my body drifting, and I felt Raven leaving. It seemed like the entire world was closing in on me, crushing my body. Then, it slowed, and the world began to expand, and I felt the sting of sediment, cutting into my skin.

The End

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