He blinked a few times as he felt his face being repaired.  It definetly hurt, but it was worth it.  Kate's ability would definetly come in handy.

But as he got back up, his slight joy was suddenly crushed.  It was hopeless, obviously.  The aliens were much smarter and much more advanced then they were.  Not to menchion they outnumbered them about to a thousand to every person.

Just as he was thinking this, he saw even the mighty dragon that Shade had turned into fall to the ground, helmet on.  Ami, Miss Cult, and just about everyone else had already been captured.  Even Kate had hit the ground already.

No.  Not again.  Not ever would he let this happen to him again.  As he thought this, the bullet hit his right arm.  He didn't care.  He jumped at the wall, using the friction of his foot to push him to the sealing, were he grabbed the ledge of a broken skylight, bits of glass sincking into his palm.  He didn't care.

A par of slimy hands grabbed his legs, and the weight was too much.  He fell to the floor on his face.  Completely unconcious. 

Please, don't let this be.  Not again, were his last thoughts.

But it was hopeless.  It was already too late.

The End

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