Over Whelmed

I took Miss Cults gun without permission and ran through the portal into the normal world. There were tons of aliens and I couldn't even emagine how many were on there home planet, if they had one. I climbed onto a ledge, and took the gun and started shoot any alien that got in a 5 feet radious, telling myself it was all in self defense.

It kept going on for a while. Some times someone would get a little too close and shoot me with there gun.

I stood there flashing through memeries of my past. I started to weaken on the sad thoughts and aliens would overwelm me more and more. I told myself to keep going, to hold on, and I belived it.

I was depressed and as I looked around I saw how hopeless we were. Even though I think about how powerful we are I see the aliens keep coming and coming. I saw Shade as a dragon being overwelmed along with Shadow too. They were about to place a helmet on them when I dived down. The aliens moved slightly and I hit the asfalt. They quikly placed a helmet on me and I saw Ami with one too. Were in deep dirt with no shovel.

The End

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