Oh no

I was just standing there on the battlefield, immolating the enemy from the inside out and deflecting the bullets zooming at me. In short, I was setting them on fire and staying away from their fire.

However, I heard a cry. I quickly pivoted around my heel and saw Jeremy bleeding from bullet wounds. Darnit! I ran over to him, I softly rushed him to the ground and began feeling for the entry wounds.

"Agh! Stop, it hurts!"

"Stop moving and it will hurt less." I'm such a liar.

I find an entry wound and I placed my palm above it. Traho! The bullet fragments collected themselves in my hand. I did this for the other bullet wounds. Then, I needed to heal him. exsisto ut vos erant! The blood then began to flow back into his head and the wounds began to close themselves.

He then stood up, with new vigor.

"Now, do not get shot anymore."


I then went back to toasting the aliens, from the inside.

The End

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