Dragon on the Battlefield

Having realised the aliens were coming back, Shade leapt into action with a gleeful chitter. The chitter soon became a roar as, in the place of the black and white ferret, emerged a ferocious black dragon, similar to the one who's form Shade had used to attack the Company headquarters.

Soon there came horrific screeches as Shade's huge jaws clamped down on the aliens, tearing through muscle, bone and flesh alike. Not only that, but it's back end was almost as dangerous as the front with a long scimitar-ish blade slicing through the air from the end of the sinewy tail. Shade's truimphant roars mingled with the screeches an angry shrieks of the aliens, together with the cries of it's friends. Soon enough, Shade found itself at Jeremy's side, it's scaly foreleg pressed against his left shoulder in the thronging mass of enemies. Shade turned it's yellow gaze on it's friend. It noticed the horrific slashes on his face and sending another wave of aliens flying with a swipe of it's tail turned to him and said:

"Climb on my back, I'll get you to someone who can help. Those wounds aren't going to do you any favours in here and if they get infected gods know what could happen. Come on, get up here!"

The End

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