Why does War make me Happy?

I was interested in the little alien but that would have to wait. I took my small dagger and ran out the portal. I quickly turned inviable and headed into the rushing crowd. One by one the aliens would push there to the front and with out warning be guted with my small dagger. It was easy to stay in one place for a long time because of the numorous amount.

I got bored after an hour or so but I was still happy about my progress. Why does war make me happy? Thats all I thought about. I finnally moved and went to the back of the crowd, killing aliens as I went.

When I got to the back I saw another one of the small aliens and picked it up. It was purple this time and was a little bigger then Ami's but was still cute. I already knew that Kassie would love the little monster. I went to the front again and ran through the portal.

The End

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