I know

I hear Shade ask what something was, and assuming that the thing was an alien I jump to the chance of telling him what it was. I cross the room and see it, it had four appendages, one head, a mass of body, it was blue in color and slightly translucent. I eyed it closely, then I turned to Shade.

"Oh, I've seen tons of these. They are a race of beings with higher than human intelligence. They call themselves Krwalw. Luckly, they have generally the same anatomy as us, so you can see how they would move and walk. They have a complex language that sounds most similar to Sanskrit in India. They have global peace and a global religion worshipping their blue sun, which gives them their blue skin tone. They are mainly aquatic as their planet is 98% water and have hair folicles, you see, for eating bacteria. They can use their mouth, but any really hard foods cram their digestive system and can make them sick for weeks. They age very quickly their average lifespan being about 20 to 30 of our years. This little guy seems to be only about 2 years old. And they can range in sizes from-"

"Ok, we get it Kate."

"Sorry, I tend to blabber on about things. But, yeah, that's what they are."

The End

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