What Exactly Is That?

Grinning in a ferret-ish way, Shade darted back towards Ami and Jeremy, ready to give them a good nibbling for scaring it. For all Shade's courage, it had been genuinely scared for it's friends.

As it scampered closer, Shade spotted something in Ami's arms. It was pale-blue and looked to be moving. The little shape-shifter let out a confused chitter and scrambled up onto Jeremy's shoulder. From here it could clearly see the small, squidgy-looking blob thing in Ami's arms. It was stroking the spot where her wound had been, apparently healing it. Shade blinked confusedly and leaned further in for a closer look.

"Err, Ami," it asked uncertainly, eyeing the alien (which it had now ascertained it was) nervously, "what exactly is that thing?"

I personally dread to think...

The End

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