As the aliens fled from us, I stood amazed at how veracious I was. I hadn't used magic in a little over thirteen years, yet this past hour I felt my heart pumping, filled with adrenaline. And the magic was just like it was back then. I'm glad I didn't forget it, but at the same time I was suprised that it all came back like that.

I begin to look around and take in my surroundings. Look at all this carnage. We're definately going to have a big clean up. I notice Shade transforming from his Griffin form to a more raccoon looking creature. I see Jeremy and that other girl huddled in the corner, cooing over a small alien creature.

"Thing's here were never like they were when I was with Raven." That wasn't entirely true and I knew that. Raven and I had defeated our fair share of evil aliens in the past.

I turned to Shade. "You know, maybe I don't need Raven. I seem to be pretty happy here with you guys."

Shade looked up at me and smiled. "I'm glad you finaly came to your senses."

The End

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