Saving Just One

As Kate and Shade came back through a portal, I smiled slightly. The aliens were running and screaming everywhere. One caught my attention. It was tiny, smal enough to fit in my palm, it was a light blue, and seemed not to realyy want to be with the others. Jeremy stood and ran into the portal, dodging fire blasts. I ran too, but I stopped and scooped up the tiny blue alien into my arms.

I gave a little squeal. I giggled, and hid it as I went through the portal. I tumbled, holding te alien close to me, making sure it wasn't harmed. I went into a corner, and sat with it. It laid in my hands, paralized with fear. I smiled softly at it. Why was it so small? I wondered. I grabbed one of my jumpers out of my bag, and wrapped the tiny thing up in it. I pulled out some different foods, and put them beside the little alien. Jeremy walked over. I hid the alien. "I know you brought it with you. Its not like the other aliens. More like an escaped hostage or something." he said softly. I smiled s the little alien crawled out from the nook of my arm. It looked at my injured wrist thoughtfully. It slowly undid Jeremy's t-shirt from around it, and ran its cool fingers across it. Slowly, the cut faded. I smiled. "Definatly not like the aiens I know and hate. Now excuse me, I'm off t see if I can kick some alien butt." He laughed, and ran back through the portal.

I rolled my eyes, and looked down. The alien was still heling the cut. Once he hd finished, my wrist was coated in a slimy deposite that kept the aliens scaley body safe. I ran a finger over its little head, and smiled.

The End

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