One Peeved Off Rodent

What in hairiness is going on here!

Shade blinked rapidly as it landed in an untidy heap on the other side of the portal-ish thing. It was utterly confused as to how it had got there, it had simply followed the others when they jumped through. Shadow was presently lying in a tangled mass on top of it, Cult was talking to another girl Shade wasn't familiar with and Kate was drifting around somewhere it supposed.

Where were Jeremy and Ami?

Oh damn, thought Shade, they've got themselves into trouble on the other side of the blasted portal! How the heck am I supposed to help them there? Bah, humans, can't stay out of trouble whatsoever!

But, if anyone so much as thinks of hurting them, I will be one peeved off rodent.

And that would be very bad indeed.

The End

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