The Chaos Of Traveling

Kassie stood up in one of the corners. She cleared her mind of stress to let her sense things better. She, all of the sudden, picked up reading that they were being surronded by tons of red dots, meaning hundred of livng things.  Either Aliens or the Company was her first thought. 

"Miss Cult!" She yelled at the top of her lungs.

Miss Cult zoomed over.

"I think we have a ...." she sensed them getting closer, "RUN."

She didn't know where she was running but she kept going untill Miss Cult graved her arm and pulled her to the crowd. 

Kate popped out from the back of the crowd and stopped everyone in their trackes, saying, "Go through the portal!" She made one in thin air, and everyone leaped through. They were safe for all they new.

Kassie checked the crowd to see if everyone was okay. She then felt that someone was missing. She realized that someone was left behind, but she couldn't tell who. 


The End

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