Jeremy, even as he slept, could feel how many people were looking at him.  Most of the time, there was one, sometimes two.  Probably Ami and someone else.  A few times, couincidently more then a few looked at him all at once.  Never really more then 4, though.

Jeremy, though, wasn't even paying attention.  It was just a feeling.  Like when you brothe when you slept.  Of course, if something interfeared with your breathing, it would wake you up.  That's why when jeremy noticed 19 staring at him, and consistantly, he shot up.  Looked around.

No one was there.  Everyone was gone.  He still felt the 19 staring, all the same, though.

Jeremy's first thought was Aliens.  Or maybe the company.  But . . . That couldn't be, could it?  Even Shade Itself had just been talking about how it could turn into anything.  Unless they caught it off guard, why wouldn't it just turn into a skyscraper, and then there was no way to capture It.  And even if they did catch It off guard, there was Ami, Selana, Shadow and even Ms. Cult, although Jeremy didn't think she could do much besides go invisible and run away.  Not to menchion the other about 9 million people.

Jeremy lit an electric ball inside his hands, slightly illuminating the just darker then twilight sunshine, coming in through the windows.

Suddenly Jeremy's feet were yanked out from underneath him, the light going out like a lightbulb, and his head hit the ground.  Luckily it wasn't his face, but that would still definetly leave a big bump.  He forced himself up past the dizzyness, when he realized he was in a different room.  Wait, what?

He vaugley vaugley remembered hearing something, something through his dreams, something more real.  Something about tearing doors through dimensions, or something like that.  Maybe that's what was going on.

Jeremy's eyelids were suddenly too heavy to hold up.  He fell asleep, landing down on the ground.

The End

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