Making Contact. Times Two.

Having regailed every tale it knew, told every joke it understood (and several it didn't) Shade flopped backwards onto the ground, making a low "nurf" sound as the air whooshed out of it's lungs. Shadow curled up beside it and they stared upwards into nothingness. Then they noticed the small figure sitting alone in it's corner, looking rather sorry for itself. Shade's nose twitched, it hadn't noticed her before!

Well then, no sense leaving her alone like that.

"Let's go introduce ourselves" suggested Shade. Shadow nodded, studying the girl carefully.

Changing into it's usual ferret shape, followed by Shadow as a somewhat larger weasel, Shade ambled over to the girl and scrambled up her leg and sat on her knee. The girl looked surprised at the ferret's sudden appearence and appeared to grow more alarmed when a brown weasel followed it up and sat on her other knee.

"Heya!" said Shade cheerily, "I don't think we've met. I'm Shade, and this here" it gestured at the weasel, "is Shadow. We're shape-shifters, both from the Company at some point in our lives. Who're you?"

And please don't tell me you're in it with Cult.

The End

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