The Beginning of Friendship

The two shape-shifters sat, side-by-side, watching their friends talk amongst themselves. Shade was still chewing it's lip over whether or not to trust Jeremy again, and still had no intention whatsoever of trusting Cult, but Shadow seemed to have other ideas.

"She rescued that other girl, you know, the blind one. Surely she can't be that bad?" he (yes, Shade had decided it was definately a he) said.

Shade snorted, "Just a trick to get us to trust her. No matter how much good she does I still don't trust her as far as I can throw her." It narrowed it's eyes nastily, "Which, come to think of it, I would rather like to attest..."

Shadow's eyes widened, "What did she ever do to you? I understand you've had... problems, with the Company in the past but there's no reason to believe she can't be trusted. She certainly hasn't done anything yet!"

"Very well then. I won't do anything drastic. But if she makes one false move, then I'll tear her to shreds." Replied Shade, sending a sharp look in Cult's direction.

The two sat in ominous silence for a few moments before Shadow broke the unease.

"So, tell me about what you've seen. I hear you've been quite the adventurer in your lifetime. I myself have never been out of the Company, before Ami got me out of course, and I've never seen anything remotely exciting. Go on, tell me a tale." He grinned mischievously, nudging Shade's furry bear-ribs.

Shade laughed and soon enough the gloom was dispelled as Shade recounted it's travels around the world, of the adventures it had had, of the people it had met and all the things it had seen and done. Shadow listened avidly, eyes visibly widening whenever Shade's tales grew particularly fantastical.

It looked like this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The End

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