Character Chapter 6!

Hey all!

Ami - 12, almost 13, has long light brown hair, dark blue eyes, and full red lip. She had a gorey past, and her parents were murdered. She had power of the Elements; earth, air, fire, water and spirit, and she can control people's emotions with her singing. She is out with Jeremy. Currenntly laying asleep next to him.

Jeremy - 13, has black hair, blue and green eyes. Not much is known about his past. He has amazing powers, that we don't know about. Known power is electricity. Currently asleep next to Ami, after acepting her offer of going out with her, and kissing her.

Shadow and Shade - Shape shifters. Shade is energetic, funny and strong. It likes a good fight. Offen seen as a panther or ferret. Shadow was realeased from the company, and considers himself in debt to Ami. The two are currently sat together after watching Ami and Jeremy.

Selena and Leanna - Selena is a Elf who was thrown out of er home for humanic things. Leanna is a Pixie. Not much is known about her. They are sat talking with Miss Cult and Kassie.

Miss Cult - A former Company member. She was sent to get Ami, but was convinced by the community to stay with them. She can turn invisible. She is sat talking.

Kassie - A blind girl who sees with infra red radars. Sh was held captive by the company. Sat with the others. 

The Aliens - being who can control you. Ami recently took chips out of Jeremy put there by them. Not much is known yet.

The End

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