Dumb Founded

When Jeremy told me he would go out with me, my heart soared But when he began to lean in, I thought he was going to whisper something to me at first, but the, his nose brushed mine, and he pressed his lips firmly on mine, hand on my waist. I lifted my good hand to the back of his hed, and ran my finger through his tangled hir gentally. He eventually pulled away, and leaned his forehead on mine. He laid down on his back, staring up. I sat there dumb founded. I ran two fingers over my lips.

I touched just to the right of my top lip. People said I had a hidden kiss there. A hidden kiss is that of an angel, never heard, and only seen once by the one with the kiss. I hugged myself. I hadn't only seen the angel once. He had fallen into my life. I laid down next to my sleeping angel. I smiled. His lips parted slightly in his sleep. Cute. I kissed him, smiled, and laid down beside him. I slid and arm over his stomach, and closed my eyes. But before I did, I think I heard two shape shifters change, and go, "Whit woo!" then wolf whistle.

The End

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