The pain of false pride

I saw the chip start to stick into Ami's hand and I emiditly droped the chip i was holding and crushed it. I guess I was wrong. The thought that I was wrong stung but I didn't exspress anything. I wrote this all down in my notebook. The notebook contained all the stuff I had done and thought wrong and what I learned from it.

As I sat down I was uneasy. I had been bitter the whole trip to all my... I guess I can't say friends. They all didn't like me. Even Kassie, the only one who can understand, dosn't because of what I did to her parents. Oh well. I was trained to be a company agent and now what? I relized they hadn't given me any other chance to do something but fight.

I fell asleep in deep thought and had dreams of myself being in a prison cell myself. When I finnally woke up the others had been talking quitly or thinking waht to do next. Jeremy was talking a little loader though, of corse with Ami. I still didn't know what they were talking about because of the load beeping of my watch telling me it was 1:oo am. Time to get up!

The End

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