Awakening To Pain And Meeting The Other Shape Shifter

I opened my eyes, and let out a cry of pain. Someone had sliced into my wrist. The shock of  the pain  widened my eyes, and I saw Jeremy,  throwing the knife away, crushing the chips. I closed my eyes, but peered through my eyelashes. I felt weaker and weaker. I heard a ripping sound, and saw Jeremy tying his own t-shirt round my wrist to stop the bleeding. I couldn't feel my arm. I heard Shade give a low growl, then hiss, "!" Selena was leaning over me, hand over her mouth. I felt my heart beat slower. I opened my eyes. Jeremy lifted my head, and hugged me. Shade laid down, and Jeremy laid me back down, so my head was laying on the side.

I closed my eyes fully, and felt a hand stroke my hair, and then caress my cheek. I opened my eyes. Jeremy was above me. He had sliced me. My blood was spattered on his hands, and a dot on his cheek. A twitter caught our attention. A handsome  swift was sat by my face. It transformed into the boy with the heart shaped face I had released. "What has happened to my rescuer? She is blooded, a knife lay by her, and blood is streaked across you." He said to Jeremy coldly. He leered forward, and reached out a hand to Jeremy's throat.  "No!" I croaked. The boy pulled away, and laid a hand on my chest. He gave a small smile. "I am Shadow. I am a shape shifter, and a rouge one at that. I am at your service." he said, with a bow of his head. I thought about this for a moment. I gave a shake of my head.  He transformed  into a  panther, and curled up next to me. He cocked his head at Shade. He pressed his nose to its neck. It growled, and let out a laugh. They talked softly about adventure, near death, and excitement. I drifted to sleep, with almost everyone of my friends close to me.

The End

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