Only One Thing Left To Do Now . . .

He woke up.  He didn't know h0w, but the chips were in Ami's hand.  She was handing them to Miss Cult.  There was something Jeremy wanted to tell her about the chips, something important, but he couldn't remember what it was. 

As soon as Jeremy saw the chips implanting themsleves into Ami hand, her head falling toward the floor, he was already there.  He caught her before she hit the ground.  He went to grave the chip, but it was already stuck into her arm.

Only one thing left to do now, and she might not ever forgive him for it, but he had too.  And He didn't know, maybe she could fix it with fire or something .

He grabbed Miss Cults knife from her belt before she realized what was going on, and cut directly into Ami's wrist.  Blood gushed out, almost spraying, as Ami's hand hit the floor, fingers limp.  The chip dislocated from her hand, and before Jeremy could think about it he stomped on it and crushed it into the floor.  He didn't care about Miss Cult and her stupid, 'the chips, we need the chips.'  What the heck were they supposed to do anyway?  Destroy the Aliens?

Jeremy ripped off his shirt, making a tourniquite and putting it around Ami's arm.  It began to soak with blood.

The End

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