Out of the fire, and into the frying pan

I ran back to my friends as I heard a beeping in my own head. I had given my heart to Jeremy, and when the aliens had made him crush the diamond one, some of it had stuck in his fingers, conneting him to me slightly. I ran strait into Selena, and she pulled me to Jeremy. The beeping.

I turned into a spirit, and went to his heart. I numbed it, and pulled it out gentlly. I came out, and gave it to Miss Cult. I went to his brain. A hologram of an alien came up near the chip. It observed me, as I began to work on the chip. "So powerful...you could be useful to us.." It whispered. I pulled out the chip, and exited Jeremy. He gave a sharp breath, then sighed. I clutched the chip in my hand, aand kissed his forehead. I grabbed his finger, and shards of diamond dust came up. It spun and spun, and the diamond heart was recreated.

I handed it to Jeremy. "I'm not eve going to ask how you did that." he chuckled. I smiled. I stroked his face with my hand. He closed his eyes. I sang softly to him. He gave a smile. It wasn't a song to control, but to tell a story. It told him that I loved him. I kissed his head. I pulled away from him. "What's wrong?"Jeremy whispered. I clutched my hand, and turned it palm up. The chip was rooting itself into my palm. I groaned, and fell unconscious, but before I did, I saw hade above me, and give Jeremy a quick hug, then look down on me. Darkness clouded over.

The End

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