Messege For The New Kid

As I ran, I heard the voice of a girl in my head. She was at the Community building. I sent a little message to her on the wind with a song, and said it in my head.

"Hello...Lulu, is it? Whatever you do, don't go up the stairs. There may be a creature up there that could kill. We left to fight. Go east, until you find a building with some people outside of it. If you see a hole in the wall, and a panther pinning a boy to the floor, don't be alarmed. It's neccisary. Go to the panther, its called Shade, and ask to be informed. if its busy, as one of the others near by. Oh, and by the way, don't come if you don't want an almost lethal adventure. By the way, how old are you? I'm 12.  You won't see me there, because I'm helping a friend. My name is Ami. I hope to meet you soon, Lulu." I finished the messege, and dodged a tree. I kept running, as if my own life depended on it.

The End

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