Character Chapter 5!

Hey! This is character chapter 5! Well well, hasn't our story developed! Funny to think a few weeks ago this had only started to bloom!

The story so far ----

The Community was a place of happiness, friendship, and everyday life...for extraordinary people. We have met shape shifters, Elves, humans with amazing powers, we've had the lot. But our tranquil scene is interrupted by the Company, who take people with powers to be experimented on.

The Characters -----

Ami - A 12 year old girl with deep blue eyes, long light brown hair, and pale skin. She has been unloved for almost seven years since her parents were brutally murdered on her 5th birthday. She can control the Elements; earth, air, fire, water and spirit, and she can control people's emotions with her singing. She is loyal to her friends, and is kind to almost everyone. She may look like the cute little girl in the group, but as we get to know her, she has become near to a leader. She is responsible, caring and a hopeless romantic. She is deeply in love with Jeremy, and is currently trying to find the creatures responsible for making him harm her and her friends. Otherwise known as UberEvilAngel.

Jeremy - A 13 year old boy with one blue eye, and one green, black middle (ish) length hair. When he first came to the house, and met Shade and ever energetic Ami, he was a bit shy. When Miss Cult came, he protected his friends the best he could. He still doesn't trust her.  His emotions are extreme, and ended up nearly hurting his friends. He went away, feeling rejected and angry, until Ami convinced him to come back to the house. He seems loyal to no one, doesn't fool easily, and in his brain and heart, chips make him say and do things he doesn't want to do. Aliens put these chips in him. When he had to return to them, they forced him to crush a diamond heart that Ami gave to him. Feelings for Ami are unsure, and he is currently being pinned down by Shade. Otherwise known as Thor

Shade - A shape shifter. When it first came to the house, it was afraid of Ami, but came to trust her. She will most likely be in one of four forms; a black panther, a dark haired human woman, a phoenix, or a ferret with a passion for warm shoulders. When Jeremy left, it was heart-broken to see one of its dearest friends leave. Ami's best friend. It is friendly, acts rashly, and loves fighting, and having fun. Often found by Ami's side, but is currently staring after her while pinning Jeremy to the floor in its panther form. Other wise known as SpookofNight

Selena - A beautiful Elf teen with long red curls, sharp green eyes and a sweet smile. The eldest of the group, she thinks of herself as responsible for the others. She loves nature. When she first came to the house, she didn't go in. She stayed outside, until she saw Ami inside, appearing to be all alone. She was curious, and went to her. She is loyal, friendly, and comes up with good ideas.  Currently sat with her friends, fearing nothing, comforting others. Otherwise known as moonwalker.

Cathryn - A sweet human girl. She doesn't seem to have any powers, except her enoramas heart of gold, and her dripping sarchasm. Often the joker of the group. Otherwise known as Hummingbird.

Miss Cult - A former Company member. She can turn invisible at th blink of an eye. Not a lot of people trust her at the moment, because she seems to care about the chips inside of Jeremy, instead of caring more about saving him life. Ami encoraged her to come back to the house after she left after harming her and her friends. She is cunning, and loyal to no one. Currently walking round somewhere. Otherwise known as AJAwesome.

Kassie - A blind human child. She uses infer red satilites to get around. She was prised  out of her mothers arms by Miss Cult herself, and she had forgiven Cult. Current whereabouts unknown. Otherwise known as AJAwesome

Leanna - A pretty pixie girl. She is shy, but very strong. She can fashion weapons out of everything and anything. She  is strong willed, and doesn't take serious matters as jokes, as others might. If anyone hurts her friends, they would know about it from Leanna! Currently asleep next to Selena.

Lulu - a human girl, as far as anyone knows. The newest to join the Community, and nothing is known about her. Otherwise known as RahonTheRadio.


Well, hope, I covered everyone. Please tell me if I have made any errors!!!! Bye now!!!








The End

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