An Outraged Ami

I heard Miss Cult muttering to herself. "Chips just as important as person... Need to keep the chips intact... Need to retrieve them at all costs...." I was outraged. As Miss Cult went off to find Kassie, I called to Shade. It nodded, and switched places with me. it pinned Jeremy, while I ran after Cult.

"Hey, Cult!" I shouted. She turned. I went up to her, and glared. "If you think that those chips are more valuble than a person's life, between them living or dying, especially someone like Jeremy, who is more powerful than all of us put together, then you must still have the Company's way of thinking in you." I didn't feel guily for glaring, nor shouting. If she really thought that a piece of tech was more important than someone's life, then we were on opisite sides of the table.

I clenched my fists, and stormed away from her. I went back to Shade and Jeremy, and told Shade what Cult and I had said. She looked angry too. I heard a growl errupt from the back of her throat. I bit my lip. Something caught my eye. A sparkle of Shade's paw. The bracelet. I smiled. It was a dark purple now, instead of clear. Shade raised it's paw, and lokked at it.

"The whole point of the bands, was to show if we had true friendship. When the bracelet changes colour, that colour symbolizes that person, and thier friendship." I whispered to it. Shade gave a sharp toothed grin, and pressed her damp cat-like nose against my forehead. I smiled. I created a band, and slipped it onto Jeremy's wrist. It turned bright red, and the colour inside swirled and moved. I smiled. Jeremy wanted to be my friend, but the thing inside him was fighting.

Jeremy slowly, and forcedly brought his hand to mine. He gave a small smile. It made me almost choke on joy, to see him normal for a while. I held his hand to my cheek, and cried. Jeremy tried to wipe the tears away. I pushed his hand down, and I pulled Shade to pin him. I stood, and ran. Ran from my friends, and sang every so often. I was going to find these aliens, even if it killed me.

The End

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