Hmm... ...

I knew that it would be better to remove the chips with out cutting in, but to get the chips out intacked was another problem. Most would say thats it's more important to save the person not the chips, i think otherwise. You want the person alive, but the chips could help destroy the source.

Another thing most would say is how can you use the chips to help you. The awnser is to simply take one of the chips and put it in a loacter. The locater can tell where the chip, or device, was made.

"I think your thoery is resonable, however we will need the chips to figure out how to get to these aliens, and kill them." I kept my tone resonable calm but loud enough that everyone would listen. "If you have any other idea we can do that, but I know that we shouldn't destroy the chips." I left to find Kassie.


The End

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